REPORT: ‘Disorientation Guide’ Given to Freshman at Tufts Calls Jews ‘White Supremacists’

Ignorant students at Tufts University claim that Israel is a supposedly “white supremacist state” that also perpetuates “apartheid” relative to their Palestinian neighbors.

A “Tufts Disorientation Guide” was distributed to incoming freshman and asserted that the Tufts University Hillel is an organization that advocates and supports a “white supremacist state” – that being Israel.

The guide goes on to accuse Hillel of “exploiting Black voices” by invited Trayvon Martin’s parents to speak about the effects of “gun violence” to an audience of Tufts students. The guide praises various campus groups but vehemently admonishes the pro-Israel group Hillel. Pro-Palestinian students launched their own chapter of Student for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as a response to Hillel.

Within the guide, students are encouraged to join various other groups, including SJP, and actively encourages Jewish students who want to remain “critical of Zionism and Israel” to not join Hillel.


Campus Reform reports:

Sabrina Miller, a sophomore at Tufts who often attends Hillel services, told Campus Reform that she was disheartened by the guide’s portrayal of Hillel, saying that not only was it “ridiculous but also offensive and ignorant.”

Miller went on to point out that “far left liberals often forget that Jews, especially Israel-supporting Jews, are targets of white supremacy” and thus the characterization of Hillel as white supremacist is “especially ignorant.”  

Further, she countered the claim that Hillel is racist by declaring that the organization is “not racist at all” but “open to people of all races, sexualities, even religions.”

While she wasn’t personally involved with planning the Trayvon Martin event, she speculated that the invitation was “a chance to learn and support a diverse community,” rather than to “exploit” black voices, as the guide claimed.

Similarly, Sophie Saunders, a Tufts sophomore also involved with Hillel, asserted that the organization is “inclusive to everyone.”

Read the full report here.

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