Psycho Woman Verbally Assaults Vet for Bringing Service Dog into Restaurant – Then Claims SHE is the Victim of Racism

Earlier this week an outraged psycho woman was caught on video verbally assaulting a veteran with a service dog at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware.

The woman screamed at the veteran and the restaurant staff.

She really lost it when someone told her the man fought for her country.

The woman can be heard screaming at the veteran about his service dog.

The crazed woman does not work at the restaurant.

This was a disgusting display.
The abusive woman was OUT OF HER MIND!

Now this…
The abusive woman now claims SHE IS THE VICTIM of racial abuse.
What an awful person.

The Daily Wire reported:


Ciara Miller, the woman who’s ugly rant over the presence of a “nasty” veteran’s service dog at a restaurant went viral, now blames “racial slurs” for the reason she became so unhinged and says she stands by what she did.

Miller has posted a video obtained by TMZ (below) in which she explains what she claims really happened leading up to the viral tirade. According to Miller, before her recorded meltdown at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware.

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