Professors Operate Program Intended to Brainwash ‘Straight White Men’ to Make Them ‘Social Justice Advocates’

Ever wondered how to make more straight, white guys into social justice warriors? Two professors whose paychecks are funded by taxpayers think they have a solution . . .

When we take a close look at campus culture, it is not hard to realize that we live in a sick and disgusting time and that the people teaching our children how to excel in the workforce or excel in their specialized career field are actually attempting to actively brainwash and manipulate your son or daughter.

Two professors at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, are researching how to better brainwash your straight, white, male son and make him a “social justice activist.” It’s appalling, frustrating, and sickening – just realize this, all of you parents out there, if you send your kid to any state funded university or any liberal arts college, you are gambling with their sanity and the likelihood that when they come home for Thanksgiving during the first semester of their Freshman year and complain about the “genocide of the Native Americans,” is high and  you should know that you are in the throes of a psychological war that will take years to win.

According to Campus Reform, Victoria Svoboda and Jörg Vianden, who are both professors, launched a project in 2014 called “Challenging Straight White Men to Develop Positive Social Justice Advocacy,” and it essentially is a program designed to make straight, white men “develop a commitment and responsibility for fostering social justice.”


Campus Reform reports:

Since the project’s inception, the two have interviewed more than 180 undergraduate students (half of whom identified as “heterosexual white men”) to uncover what motivates their “widespread apathy” towards social justice.

“Unless challenged effectively during college, heterosexual white men may leave college no more adept at functioning in a diverse world than when they entered,” the professors warn.

Through their research, Svoboda and Vianden found a few common explanations for why white men resist social justice, noting that some interviewees showed discomfort at the idea of “attending a diversity event by themselves,” while others expressed frustration that they “would be perceived as racist or homophobic until proven otherwise.”

As a solution, the professors encourage their white, male colleagues to intervene in “men’s spaces” on campus, specifically advising them to target “fraternities” and “athletic teams” for conversations designed to get them to “explore identity, to interrogate and challenge privilege, and to develop responsibility for acting in solidarity with marginalized peers.”

It is not your duty to defend anyone, at all. This is literal and total manipulation of self and it is an abuse that is comparable to the brainwashing that goes on within the sex trafficking world. It is an egregious abuse of one’s position of power (professors) and it causes lasting damage to one’s psyche.

Personal anecdote: I went to one of those schools, I was subjected to similar training, and it still causes confusion to this day and it is an extreme and pernicious form of psychological abuse that weighs heavily on one’s conscience. The whole point of these programs are to make straight, white men think that they are horrible, awful humans and lesser than everyone else and that we must, at the same time, do everything we can to empower and better the lives of people who have inversely been taught to hate us (us being straight, white guys).

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