Why President Trump’s Timing of Ending DACA Is Perfect Political Gamesmanship

Sunday evening, Politico reported that POTUS Trump is to end DACA following a six month delay.

This move could not be more genius.

The political gamesmanship the President put on display relative to DACA is an example of a “masterstroke”. First off, it must be noted that DACA will be ending after a six month delay. Why the six month delay? Good question, this might be why: Republicans running for primaries during 2018 will HAVE to discuss DACA as it will be a major talking point in both the media and in debates.

Republicans trying to win their primaries KNOW that the #MAGA base is strong and dedicated to “making America great again,” so these conservatives will have to prove their loyalty to the vision President Trump presented in 2016.

The House and the Senate both will not have enough votes to execute any sort of motion to keep DACA around and ultimately it would end in a veto, which, again, they would not have enough votes to override.

DACA will be ending in April and by then, most primaries will take place just a month after, meaning everyone is going to be talking about this, and any #NeverTrump conservatives attempting to run will be stuck between Trump and a hard place, so it will be a tough haul for someone like Senator Jeff Flake to pull a win off and meanwhile, the Democratic plan to run on issues related to economic policy have been utterly disrupted.


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