Philadelphia Finds Hundreds of Illegal Voters Stemming From Democrat ‘Motor Voter’ Law

Philadelphia found hundreds of non-citizens who were registered to vote; many went on to cast ballots.

But the Democrats say that voter fraud is just a myth…

The Washington Times reported:

City Commissioner Al Schmidt said Wednesday the voters are all self-admitted non-citizens who went back and canceled their registrations later — but not before casting illegal ballots a total of 227 times in elections spanning 2006 to 2007.

Most of those non-citizens signed up to vote at PennDOT, the state motor vehicles bureau, when they went to get a driver’s license. While legal residents and long-term visitors are allowed to hold licenses, they are not allowed to vote in federal elections — yet thanks to a federal law, the sign-up for both licenses and voter registration is often tied together.

“The current voter registration process at PennDOT is both harmful to election integrity and to members of the immigrant community seeking citizenship,” Mr. Schmidt said.

Keep in mind, these numbers are only based on people who self reported so the real number of illegal voters is much higher.


The National Voter Registration Act or ‘motor voter’ is another Democrat scam passed in 1993 by none other than Slick Willie. It forces states to sign up voters while they get their driver’s licenses.

More robust ‘motor voter’ laws have been passed since 1993 as states push to automatically register voters while giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses. See where this is going? Illegal aliens get driver’s licenses making it easy for them to register to vote. This is all part of the Democrat plan.

Couple this with the fact that Obama openly told illegal aliens to vote in the Presidential election, we shouldn’t be surprised our voting system is compromised.

Look at California for example. A state with massive amounts of illegal aliens from Mexico who are given driver’s licenses.

Just how bad is California? As TGP previously reported, there are eleven counties in California with more registered voters than voting age adults in the county.

Judicial Watch has been aggressively pursuing voter fraud which is plaguing our nation. In fact, Judicial Watch warned the state of California recently that if they don’t clean up their voters rolls, they will sue them in Federal Court.

Ten of the Eleven counties voted for Hillary Clinton.


Judicial Watch lays out the specifics: “[T]here were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties: Imperial (102% ), Lassen (102% ), Los Angeles (112% ), Monterey (104% ), San Diego (138% ), San Francisco (114% ), San Mateo (111% ), Santa Cruz (109% ), Solano (111% ), Stanislaus (102% ), and Yolo (110% ).” The letter notes that the percentage in L.A. Country may be as high as 144% .

In June California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told the Trump administration the state will not cooperate with the election integrity commission because it would “only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud.”

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