Paul Ryan Accomplishes the Impossible=> Is Now as Unpopular as Nancy Pelosi

Paul Ryan is on a month-long vacation.
But that hasn’t stopped hi from attacking President Trump at least three different times.

Paul Ryan made a 200 day promise to Republican voters to accomplish the Trump agenda.
NONE of that happened. Paul Ryan and Congress have accomplished nothing.

In June Paul Ryan scrapped his 200 day plan and moved tax cuts back to deer season.


Nothing is getting done. But the GOP Congress took a month-long break anyway.

Now this…
Paul Ryan is so unpopular his numbers now rival crackpot Nancy Pelosi.
John Nolte and reported:

To no one’s surprise, a just-released NBC News poll reveals that feckless Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has succeeded inbecoming just as unpopular as his polarizing predecessor, San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

The Survey/Monkey poll shows that 30% of those surveyed view Pelosi favorably, a statistical tie with Paul Ryan’s 31% . The two are also tied up in the unfavorable department, with 64% holding an unfavorable view of Pelosi, compared to 63% for Ryan.

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