It’s Not Just Bannon=> Liberal Media Has a Long History of Making Conservatives Look Dark and Evil

Following Steve Bannon’s highly anticipated interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes Sunday night, professional photographer Peter Duke published a video explainer on how CBS may have used color adjustments to make the Breitbart News boss “look bad” on television.

Peter Duke is a photographer and he explained with video proof how CBS used color correction and grading to make Steve Bannon look dark, drunk and sinister in his interview with “60 Minutes.”

CBS later denied this happened but color correction is common tactic used by the liberal media.
Here are a few examples.

In 2005 Michelle Malkin pointed out this strange touch-up done on Condoleezza Rice in USA Today. The color corrected her eyes to make her look evil!

The liberal media regularly uses photos of Dick Cheney that make him look pure evil.


In 2008 TIME magazine photographer Jill Greenberg published a photo of Republican candidate John McCain that made him look old and evil.

Greenberg then made Glenn Beck look as hideous as possible.

Jill Greenberg later admitted that she purposely makes Republicans look bad.

The left made Ann Coulter look distorted in her photo.

And then there is this drawing of a fire-breathing Rush Limbaugh on its cover.

Liberals pull these tricks all the time. It’s just now, thanks to the internet, that they get called out on it.

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