At North Dakota Rally Trump Warns Democrat Heitkamp to Support Tax Reform or Get Booted From Office (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump held a rally in North Dakota on Wednesday in support of tax reform.

Liberal Senator Heidi Heidkamp flew with the Republican president to North Dakota for the event.

President Trump won North Dakota in November 2016 by 36 points.

At today’s tax reform rally President Trump called up the North Dakota lawmakers on stage and liberal Senator Heitkamp in a gesture of their support for tax reform.


Trump said he hopes to have her support on tax reform.

Trump warned Senator Heidi Heitkamp to support tax reform or get booted from office in 2018.

President Trump: And anybody that is going to vote against tax cuts and tax reform whether it is in North Dakota or anybody else you gotta vote against them and get them out of office.

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