Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill Trolls Kaepernick: “Kaepernick, Where Are You Playing Today?” (VIDEO)

NFL player protests exploded Sunday after President Trump lashed out at the players for kneeling during the national anthem on Friday while at a campaign rally for Senator Luther Strange (R-AL).

These NFL players protesting are disrespecting our Veterans who fought and bled for this country.

Patriotic Americans were infuriated when former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva was the ONLY Steeler to come out for the National Anthem on Sunday. He stood in the tunnel while the rest of the team hid in the locker room like disrespectful cowards.

Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill is the man who killed Osama Bin Laden and wrote the book ‘The Operator’.


O’Neill trolled the hell outta Colin Kaepernick during his Fox News appearance Sunday and it was glorious.

O’Neill was asked how he felt about NFL players taking a knee during the nation anthem.

“As a veteran, it’s insulting,” O’Neill began.

He went on to say that there are other ways to protest rather than during the national anthem.

O’Neill then zinged Colin Kaepernick for being jobless after orchestrating the protests.

“Colin Kaepernick. Where’s he playing today? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have a job.” OUCH!


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