Nasty #NeverTrump GOP Website Hurls Hate on Trump, Omarosa and Gateway Pundit

President Trump had an uncanny ability during the election to separate the men from the boys, the phony conservative sites that hurled vitriol at working Americans, and the websites that stood with the American worker and Middle Class voter.

President Trump was the first Middle Class president since Ronald Reagan.

And GOP elites hated him for this. How could they keep their status in the cocktail party circuit when their party and president were such uncouth primitives?

During the election it was common for so-called conservative websites to trash working class voters (National Review) and Trump supporters (Redstate).


Trump voters chose Breitbart, FOX News, Conservative Treehouse, Infowars and The Gateway Pundit to stay informed during the 2016 election.

This outraged the #NeverTrump websites.
They are still furious that no one supported their attempts to win the election for Hillary Clinton.

The one thing we know about #NeverTrumpers today is that they NEVER can be trusted.
The moment Donald Trump stumbles they are there to pounce. They want desperately for this president to fail no matter the cost to the nation or global community.

Today Redstate celebrated the news that top Trump supporter and White House aide Omarosa Manigault is on the chopping block.

Omarosa, as everyone knows, is one of the bravest and most polished Trump supporters in the White House.

Recently, Omarosa Manigault was invited to speak at the Black Journalists Convention where she was abused and mocked by the panel host in front of a room of liberal hacks.

No one could have handled that abusive situation better than Omarosa. She was brilliant.

#NeverTrump sites like Redstate want her gone and her career ruined because she supported Donald Trump.
Today they cheered the news that General Kelly is “carving out the cancer” of Omarosa at the Trump White House.

The Redstate author Susan Wright also took a swipe at The Gateway Pundit calling us a “gutter site” because we support President Trump.
(Redstate still claims to be a conservative website!)

Before Kelly took over as chief of staff, there were attempts to make the Trump White House more streamlined and professional, and less of a clown car that had been set on fire. Unfortunately, those efforts failed. Trump’s open door policy for the Oval Office has allowed leeches like Manigault to slither in with material from gutter sites, like Gateway Pundit. Those are the ones that apparently get Trump most riled, and she took advantage of it. Like a parasite, she was feeding off of the turmoil she caused, until that apparently appeared to be her job, rather than her position with the communcations or outreach to the black community.

This is the latest proof that you just can’t trust #NeverTrumpers.

We hate to hit down with our reporting but this was too obnoxious to ignore.
We apologize to our readers.

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