MUST SEE=> Kid Rock Gives EPIC ‘Stump Speech’ at Grand Rapids Concert (VIDEO)

Despite YouTube reportedly removing various copies of Kid Rock’s epic ‘stump speech,’ during his concert in Grand Rapids, TGP has obtained a copy of it. The rockstar goes on a fiery tirade against his critics, the KKK and deadbeat dads. 

Video credit: Chase Marks

Breitbart News reports:

The rocker — who was warming up at the Van Andel Arena for a six-night stand at the Little Caesars Arena in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, later this month — donned a star-spangled scarf as “Hail to the Chief” played over the loudspeaker, before he launched into a fiery stump-style speech.

Rock — real name Robert James Ritchie — has repeatedly teased that he will run for a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan next year.

The singer said God had blessed him in his career, but that he believed most politicians were interested in “redistribution of wealth:” “And I don’t believe you should save, sacrifice, do things by the book, and then have to take care of some deadbeat, milking-the-system, lazy-ass motherf*cking man.”

Rock said the issue of single parenthood was near to his heart, but that America should not reward women who can’t take care of themselves, but keep having “kid after f*cking kid.”

“Of course we should help them out, I don’t want to sound like a jerk,” he added. “But let’s help them out with childcare, job creating, and put their goddamn asses to work!”

Rock also took on “deadbeat dads:” “I say lock all you a**holes up and throw away the f*cking keys!”

In late July The Gateway Pundit reported rock star Kid Rock was leading his Democrat rival Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Kid Rock has not officially launched his senatorial campaign but is already making headlines.

Today Kid Rock responded to media reports that he was breaking campaign law.

This was epic.

I am starting to see reports from the misinformed press and the fake news on how I am in violation of breaking campaign law.

#1 I have still not officially announced my candidacy.

#2 See #1 and go fuck yourselves.

Everyone else, Have a great Labor Day (I will be spending mine WORKING in one of the greatest cities in America – Grand Rapids, Michigan!!)

Rock on.
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