MSNBC Has No Shame — Uses 9/11 As Excuse To Attack POTUS Trump (VIDEO)

If you thought MSNBC might have one ounce of shame left — you’re wrong. On a day when most Americans are putting politics aside to comfort one another, MSNBC used 9/11 to attack President Trump.

Daily Caller reports:

While boasting the chyron “Nation Pauses To Remember 9/11 Attacks,” MSNBC pivoted to slam Trump for not replacing Gen. John Kelly at the DHS, implying that Trump would not be prepared to handle another terror attack without a replacement.

“John Kelly has been White House chief of staff for more than a month, I think,” Mitchell said. “At this point, we still don’t have a replacement for him at Homeland.”

“How troubling is it that there is no nominee at this very complicated department?” she asked Johnson.

“Well, today it’s a reminder that the job of secretary of Homeland Security is an incredibly important one to the American people,” Johnson replied, “and I hope and expect that Trump will nominate somebody very soon for this very important position.”

“It’s not just counterterrorism and natural disasters…and so it’s a job that needs to be filled,” Johnson said. “You need somebody at the cabinet level to keep their eye on all of this.”

16 Years Ago Today–


Sixteen years ago today the US came under attack by radical Islam.
2,997 people were murdered in a series of coordinated attacks by the Islamic group Al-Qaeda.

President George W. Bush later famously proclaimed: “I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And, the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

George W. Bush: Bullhorn Speech to Emergency Rescue Workers at 9/11 Ground Zero, New York, delivered 14 September 2001.

Here’s a beautiful tribute to the victims of the 9-11 attacks…

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