Michelle Obama Named ‘Best Dressed’ By Vanity Fair But Beautiful Melania Trump Left Off List

Guest post by Lisa Payne-Naeger at American Lookout:

Michelle Obama chose this smart ensemble to enter a historic cathedral in Italy.

We’re over eight months into the Trump administration, but the leftist media is still pining away for their beloved Obamas.

Vanity Fair named Michelle Obama best dressed in their yearly honoring of elite fashionistas.
But what about Melania?

Daily Caller has the story:


Vanity Fair celebrated the world’s royalty and celebrities in its annual Best Dressed List, published Wednesday.

Inductees included Prince Phillip, Queen Letizia of Spain, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, and of course, Barack and Michelle Obama.

This year’s list seems to overrepresent politicians and royalty. Sure some celebrities are to be expected – like Rihanna who’s been the face of Dior – but did Prince Phillip really deserve to be in this year’s running? He’s 96 and rarely in the public eye.

And where is Melania Trump? You know, the First Lady and also the Slovenian immigrant who was a fashion model until 2016?

Neither of these women has a patent on black heels and stripes, but I might go so far as to say that Melania looks better than Michelle.

President took a swipe at the far left mag in December:

It’s not a stretch to think that Melania was left off the list because she and her husband were on the wrong side of the leftist political spectrum.

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