Member of Trump’s Diversity Council Threatens to Quit if Trump Ends DACA…Good Riddance (VIDEO)

Javier Palomarez is a member of President Trump’s diversity council and the President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Palomarez told CNN’s Jim Acosta that he may quit if Trump decides to end Obama’s DACA program.

Good riddance.

Palomarez argued that DREAMers don’t take any government benefits whatsoever. This is an outright lie. He also argued that it would be economically damaging to the United States if the DREAMers were deported since they all work and pay billions of dollars in taxes.

Jim Acosta asked Palomarez to confirm that he would leave the diversity council if Trump ended DACA.


Palomarez responded by saying, “That is correct, but Jim I’m gonna work with him and his administration.”

Palomarez then went into the economics of ending DACA, claiming somehow illegal aliens are vital for our economy.

“I want to remind him (Trump) and his team that from an economic standpoint, and again, we’re business people…if you look at this from a purely economic standpoint–again, none of these young people gets government benefits of any sorts so they’re not costing us anything. They pay over $2 billion in taxes…”

Palomarez’s claims that these DACA recipients don’t cost the United States any money is a blatant lie.

Breitbart reported extensively on the cost of DACA

The Department of Homeland Security is withholding a lot of data about the DACA applicants. For example, outside researchers do not know how many DACA recipients have college degrees, how many speak English or how many have criminal records. Obama’s deputies declined to release the data, which suggests the numbers are not flattering.

DACA Will Cost Americans And Their Government A Huge Amount of Money.

On average, people with college degrees pay more in taxes than they receive in government benefits. People without a degree consume more taxes than they pay to federal, state and local tax officials.

In 2013, a Heritage Foundation study showed that amnesty for 11 million illegals would spike federal spending by $6,300 billion over the next five decades. That is roughly equivalent to $550,000 per illegal, or $10,000 per illegal per year, much of which will be spent when the immigrant becomes eligible for Social Security and Medicare. That cost estimate does not include the extra costs created when immigrants use their new legal powers as a citizen to bring in more low-skilled migrants.

If those 3 million DACA people and their parents soon become legal residents or citizens, then Obama’s DACA will cost Americans roughly $1,700 billion over the next 50 years, according to Heritage Foundation’s numbers.

Moreover, the DACA migrants add to the flood of illegal labor that has driven down wages for ordinary Americans, including urban youths and recent immigrants. Currently, Americans lose roughly $500 billion a year from their salaries because of the immigration tax caused by cheap labor according to the academies’ report.

Video via CNN:


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