McDonald’s Manager Fired For Asking Hispanic Customer ‘Can You Spell Deportation?’ (VIDEO)

Charlotte, North Carolina – A woman named Wendy Rios posted a video of her bizarre encounter with a local McDonald’s manager when she ordered food through a drive-through over the weekend.

The McDonald’s manager flipped her off, told her to ‘go the f*ck on’ and asked Rios if she knew how to spell “deportation” after repeating Trump’s name.

Wendy Rios said she was so shocked by the rude treatment by the McDonald’s manager that she took out her cell phone and began to record the encounter. Rios wanted to post the video to her social media so everyone could see what happened to her.

KMOV reported:


The woman can be seen sticking up her middle finger to Rios, and her camera, through the drive-thru window. Rios asked the woman to repeat the move with the window open so that her bosses could see what was happening.

The woman kept repeating that Rios needed to leave and then took aim at her.

“Can you say, Donald Trump? Donald Trump. Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Yes, Donald Trump, Donald Trump. Can you say Donald Trump?” the woman asked. “You holding up my line, lady.”

“You can stay there all you want. Can you say deportation? Can you say that? Can you spell deportation?” the woman can be heard in the video saying. “What you need to do is you need to get the [expletive] on. That’s what you need to do.”

WBTV reached out to McDonald’s and received the following response.

“The actions of this employee are inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald’s and my organization place on diversity, inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers.  This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation.” – George Forrest McDonald’s Owner/Operator 

The woman then closed the window on Rios and another woman appeared.


| WBTV Charlotte

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