LOL. Hillary Holds Book Signing in Costco Milk Aisle – Protesters Scream ‘Hillary For Prison!’ (VIDEO)

Connecticut – Conservative activist and Rebel Media reporter, Laura Loomer showed up to a Costco in Brookfield Saturday because failed presidential candidate and serial whiner Hillary Clinton was there to sign 1,000 copies of her memoir ‘What Happened’.

Instead of residing in the White House as the ruler of the free world, Hillary is sitting next to gallons of milk signing books about her failed presidential campaign. LOL.

Police told Laura Loomer that Secret Service told them not to let her into Costco. Loomer recently trolled Hillary at her book signing at Union Square in New York. She asked Hillary ‘what happened to your 33,000 emails?’ before Secret Service told her to leave.



A Costco employee told Loomer that a lot of people cancelled their memberships because Hillary was allowed to sign books there. ‘We hate her’.

Protesters holding up signs outside of Costco screamed ‘Hillary for prison!’

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