LISTEN: Disgraced Pollster Nate Silver Turns On Hillary — Thrashes Her 2016 Campaign

You know things are bad when you have lost pollster Nate Silver. On Monday, the FiveThirtyEight founder told his podcast listeners that Hillary Clinton ran the “most negative campaign in history.” Coming from Silver, the statement is refreshing.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

Silver, the editor-in-chief of the data website FiveThirtyEight, said that Clinton doesn’t get enough criticism for running a negative campaign.

“She ran by various measures the most negative campaign in history and she was successful,” Silver said. “Although Trump helped himself a lot, she was successful at making Trump very unpopular. She didn’t think about ‘how do I make myself more popular’ as much.”

Silver said that Clinton also didn’t think about the 15 percent of people who didn’t like either candidate and that she could have won the election had she gotten even half of those voters.

Following Trump’s decisive victory, Silver was reduced to an internet troll. FiveThirtyEight website’s Nate Silver was still sore from his inaccurate ‘prediction’ that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected. Silver released some of his frustration on Twitter in December by mocking President-elect Donald Trump’s call for expanded nuclear capabilities by predicting what all-out nuclear war could do to the electoral map.


Silver’s Tweet was in response to a Trump tweet on the subject.

Here is more ‘BRILLIANCE’ coming out of Nate Silver’s mind:

Oops Wrong Again…

Oh so sad…

Those pesky FBI investigations…


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