Liberal Activist Wears Obama T-Shirt to Trump Supporting Texas Town, Finds ‘People Are Very Nice’

These days when just wearing a red Make America Great Again hat while walking down the street can get you sucker punched by the Alt-Left, it came as a pleasant surprise to liberal activist Michael Skolnik that he was not abused by Trump supporters for wearing an Obama t-shirt in a small West Texas town on Saturday.

Skolnik, who was a 2012 President Barack Obama re-election campaign surrogate, wrote he was in an unnamed small Texas town that went 80 percent for President Donald Trump to attend a friend’s wedding and wore the shirt to honor the friend who had worked for Obama.

Skolnik commented that he was treated nicely wherever he went.


Walking around a very small Texas town that voted 80% for Trump with my Obama t-shirt on this morning has been quite the experience.

In the restaurant I had breakfast at one of the cooks came out from the kitchen and came over and said, “I just wanted to see your shirt.”

In the gun store that I wanted to check out, the nice lady behind the counter told me when I walked in that “I looked like was lost.”

It’s a very beautiful town + the people are very nice. Here for a wedding of a friend who worked for Obama, so I wore t-shirt to represent.”

In response to criticsm from Fox News Radio commentator Todd Starnes, Skolnik said he was in West Texas, nowhere near the Hurricane Harvey flood zone, and that he was not “trolling” by wearing the Obama shirt around town.

According to Wikipedia, Skolnik sits on the board of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Wikipedia excerpt:

…In early 2009, Skolnik was hired by Russell Simmons to serve as the political editor for, an online destination founded by Simmons and Accel Partners. is Hip-Pop, the “hip” side of popular culture.[18] Chronicling celebrities, lifestyle content, entertainment news, fashion, music and politics with an authoritative voice, GlobalGrind reaches over 4.7 million people a month, serving a large multi-racial segment of the 18-34 population.[19]

Quickly moving up through the ranks, Skolnik was named the Editor-In-Chief and the co-President of the company in early 2011. During this time, Skolnik led a social media strategy that currently connects with 400,000 Twitter followers, 40,000 Instagram followers and 485,000k fans on Facebook.

He currently oversees a staff of 25 and is the sole President of the company and oversees all editorial content on the site.

After his eleven-year, award-winning career as a film director and producer, Skolnik decided to change career paths and follow his true passion: becoming a television personality and news commentator, blogging on, creating social media campaigns organizing young people to engage and be heard in the political process. In 2009, Skolnik became “political director” to hip-hop executive, Russell Simmons.

As political director of Russell Simmons, Skolnik oversees Simmons’ social justice and political activities, including relationships with elected officials.

In 2009, Skolnik and Russell Simmons worked with grassroots organizers to drastically reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Former New York Governor David Paterson signed a new bill reforming this 36-year-old law, thus re-sentencing thousands of inmates who had been given lengthy mandatory sentences for low-level drug offenses and re-configuring the entire criminal court system in New York State.[20]

Skolnik currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Drug Policy Alliance.[21]

In 2009, after the violent death of Chicago teenager, Derrion Albert, Skolnik began a new media campaign bringing attention to the youth violence epidemic of America. Writing thousands of articles on about the deaths of young people across the country, Skolnik became a leading voice around the issues of violence, in general.[22] On February 26, 2012, Skolnik reported on the death of Trayvon Martin as part of his series.

On March 19, 2012, Skolnik published an op-ed, entitled, “White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin.”[23] Following this release, Skolnik appeared on numerous national broadcasts discussing the complicated issues surrounding the death of the teenager. He appeared on CNN,[24] MSNBC,[25] Fox News, NPR, BBC and numerous other outlets. He reported on the murder trial of George Zimmerman from within the courtroom and was a regular commentator on the cable news networks during the trial.[26]

Skolnik currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Trayvon Martin Foundation, founded by Trayvon Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.[27]…”

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