Judge Napolitano: I Can Assure You Donald Trump Caught in Wiretap at Trump Tower (VIDEO)

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Stuart Varney on Tuesday to discuss the shocking report that the Obama FBI was spying on the Trump Campaign during the election.

The FBI wiretapped Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort’s office in Trump Tower.

Napolitano argues this definitely included spying on the future President Trump.

President Trump tweeted in March that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.

Trump was right — Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.


Judge Napolitano: When Jim Comey, still the director at the FBI, told the Senate Intelligence Committee under oath, ‘I know of no surveillance in Trump Tower.’ How could he NOT have known of this if his own FBI was doing it… If it was a FISA warrant Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice could get their hands on it… I can assure you Donald Trump is caught up in that wiretap. I can assure you his words and his voice are all over it.

Obama and Comey broke the law.
They need to face their punishment.

Via Varney and Co.:

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