Iran Claims Country Has Infiltrated U.S. Military, Obtained “Sensitive Documents”

As tensions between the U.S. and North Korea reach new heights, it appears Iran sees an opportunity to flex its military might, as well. A new report reveals the Islamic Republic claims to have not only developed a monster 10-ton bomb, but also to have infiltrated the U.S. military.

Both are explosive claims.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

A senior Iranian military leader claims the Islamic Republic has developed the “father of all bombs,” a 10-ton bomb that is said to rival the United States’ ‘mother of all bombs,” or MOAB, according to regional reports.

Iranian General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s airspace division, claimed in an interview over the weekend with the country’s state-controlled media that Iran has developed the 10-ton bomb and has the capability to drop them from aircraft.


Hajizadeh also claims that Iran has infiltrated the U.S. military and has sensitive documents in its possession.

“We have infiltrated into the Americans’ command control centers over the recent years,” he was quoted as saying in a television interview broadcast on PressTV, another Iranian-controlled outlet.

As previously reported by TGP, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reveals mainstream media journalists have been both threatened and blackmailed by Iranian spies for positive coverage.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

Iran’s clandestine spy network has been threatening and blackmailing scores of journalists, even going so far as to detain and threaten the family members of these reporters, in order to ensure positive coverage in global media outlets, according to a new report that estimates at least 50 international journalists have been threatened in just the past year.


Outlets such as the BBC and Voice of America have been subjected to threats and in some cases have had their computers hijacked by Iran, according to the report, which states that “all international media outlets with Persian-language services are concerned” about the Islamic Republic’s often-secret efforts to blackmail reporters in order to gain positive headlines.



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