Horror=> McDonald’s Worker Tries to Flush Newborn Baby Down the Toilet After Giving Birth

In a horrifying story out of Redwood City, California, a 25-year-old McDonald’s worker was caught attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet. 

“Sarah Lockner, 25, has been accused of attempted murder after police say she was seen trying to flush a baby down a McDonald’s toilet,” according to the Sun UK.

“Lockwood was allowed to clock off early from her evening shift at McDonald’s in Redwood City, California,” reports the British paper.

Sun UK reports:

Sarah Lockner, 25, allegedly locked herself in a cubicle after complaining of stomach pain before colleagues found blood coming from under the door.

She had been allowed to clock off early from her evening shift at the fast food branch in Redwood City, California on 4 September.


Two concerned co-workers later checked on her and found blood on the floor, according to local paper the San Mateo Daily Journal.


Officers arrived to find a newborn baby without a pulse and not breathing.

It was rushed to Lucil Packard Children’s Hospital and placed in an induced coma.

According to the Sun UK, the baby is expected to make a full recovery. What a miracle, indeed.

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