Hillary Clinton Gets Roasted After Posting Propaganda Video of Children Dancing While Holding Her Books

Hillary Clinton is in overdrive peddling her books ‘What Happened‘ and ‘It Takes a Village‘ in an effort to bilk more sheep of their money since her lucrative business laundering money through the Clinton Foundation is coming to an end.

On Thursday, Hillary posted a video to her Twitter account of teenagers and children dancing to ‘Fight Song’–the same song that played at the Democrat National Convention while holding her book ‘What Happened‘. Weird.

Hillary tweeted, “This video from my local bookstore in Chappaqua put a smile on my face! Love the soundtrack, too.”


In this video, posted by Scattered Books, teenagers and even children are dancing around while holding Hillary’s books. Remember, Hillary is everyone’s “Abuela”. The youth just adore Hillary…


Trump supporters slammed Hillary:

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