Gregg Jarrett: Attorney General Sessions Has Been Incompetent – Must Do the Right Thing and Resign (VIDEO)

FOX News contributor and attorney Gregg Jarrett argued tonight on Hannity that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been unproductive and incompetent as AG and must resign.

Gregg Jarrett wrote Monday at FOX News that Attorney Sessions should resign for deceiving the president by concealing his intent to recuse himself form the Russia witch hunt. President Trump was entitled to know the truth, but Sessions actively hid it from him. Since that time, according to Jarrett, Sessions has been incompetent for several reasons most notably he has taken no action to investigate the unmasking of Trump aides during intelligence surveillance by the Obama Administration.

Tonight Gregg Jarrett called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.


Gregg Jarrett: There are plenty of options here but Sessions needs to do the right thing and resign.

Via Hannity:

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