GOP Leader McCarthy Giggles Before Announcing Major Border Wall Funding Delay (VIDEO)

Does House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy think it’s funny to have to delay border wall funding? Apparently so. In a Tuesday appearance on Fox Business News with Maria Bartiromo, McCarthy giggled when revealing funding for President Trump’s top campaign promise was being pushed back months.

McCarthy giggles.

POLITICO reports:

House Republicans plan to pass a three-month continuing resolution to fund the government this month and will push any fight over President Donald Trump’s border wall until later this year, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday.

“We’ve got a lot of busy things happening here,” McCarthy told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “We have to deal with Harvey, we have the debt ceiling, we have a continuing resolution, which will be just about a three month continuing resolution. So you will deal with the wall a little later in the year.”

Congress needs to pass a temporary spending bill to avert a government shutdown on Sept. 30. Lawmakers hope a three-month stopgap will allow for a broader spending deal in December that funds the government with priorities for both parties.

On Wednesday, the House will vote on an emergency disaster relief bill to provide nearly $8 billion to help communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey, McCarthy said.

The Harvey aid will not be tied to raising the federal debt ceiling, McCarthy added, an idea strongly opposed by conservative GOP lawmakers. Still, the Senate could later attach a boost to the debt limit, which must be raised by Sept. 29.

Recently, Ryan released a video advocating for President Trump’s border wall.


The video begins with Ryan entering a helicopter overseeing the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. “1,954 miles along America’s Souther border. It’s time for the wall”, reads the intro text.

Ryan narrates the ad, saying the following:

“I had the opportunity to travel down to Texas to the Rio Grande Valley to spend time with our border patrol. When you see what they’re up against, it really gives you an even greater respect for what they do. They clearly need more tools, more support to do their job, effectively. That’s why we’re going to get this done, this week.” 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2F2017% 2F08% 2Fhell-freezes-rino-paul-ryan-releases-video-promoting-potuss-border-wall-video% 2F

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