GET RID OF THIS CLOWN=> H.R. McMaster’s Muslim Appointee Says Hezbollah Is NOT a Terrorist Group

In August the Zionist Organization of America, the oldest pro-Israel group in the country, called on President Trump to reassign H.R. McMaster.

This was after McMaster purged Trump loyalists who support Israel and are critical of Iran and radical Islamic terrorism from the National Security Council.

A top Israeli reporter claimed McMaster views Israel as an ‘illegitimate, occupying power,’ just like Iran.


Now this…

H. R. McMaster’s appointee Mustafa Ali said the Islamic Iranian-funded Hezbollah was not a terrorist organization during a meeting between US and Israeli officials.

The controversy arose during a recent meeting between Israeli officials and Trump admin officials at the White House.

According to an Israeli report McMaster started screaming at Israeli officials!

Why is this guy still in the Trump White House?

Please read David Steinberg’s account at PJ Media for a more accurate account of the meeting at the White House.

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