Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich to Speak at Upcoming Berkeley Free Speech Week

The Gateway Pundit’s own Lucian Wintrich will be speaking at the upcoming four day Milo Yiannopoulos-led Berkeley “Free Speech Week”, which begins September 24th.

Dozens of high profile speakers from Mike Cernovich to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon to Ann Coulter and esteemed sociologist and political scientist Charles Murray will be speaking to packed crowds.

Wintrich tweeted that he will be tackling the left and the right’s relationship to arts and culture on the first day, which has been dubbed “Feminism Awareness Day”. The other three days are titled “Zuck 2020”, “Islamic Peace and Tolerance Day”, and “Mario Savio is Dead”, respectively.

Lucian will discuss various facets of the current political landscape from arts and culture to the media:


“My talk will center around how the left has continuously stifled expression, and how the conservative movement is bring it back; I plan on going through the evolution of the two movements and discussing how we ended up where we are today. The mere fact that the left is trying to shut down an event with such a wide array of viewpoints and speakers points out the hypocrisy behind their ideology.”

Commenting on how he hopes the event to go, Wintrich stated:

“I think the event will be an incredible success. Both the organizers and Berkeley security have reassured me that things will go down without a hitch, although it will be interesting to see how Anti-First Amendment groups like ANTIFA handle it. I’ll be speaking on Sunday, the kick off day, to an incredible lineup of media pioneers, conservative firebrands, intellectuals, and a few folks I had to Google and am still confused by.”

The event will go from the 24th to the 27th of September.

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