Former Reagan-Bush Official and #NeverTrumper Bruce Bartlett: “ALL Trump Supporters Are Racists”

Bruce Barlett is reportedly a historian with expertise in supply-side economics. Bartlett served as a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and as a Treasury official under George H. W. Bush.

On Sunday Bruce Bartlett went on a Facebook tirade against Trump supporters. Barlett claims all Trump supporters are racists – even minority Trump supporters.

Bartlett then went on to play victim after he received some negative feedback.


Bartlett then went on to call Trump supporters “scum.”

And he attacked Americans with Confederate flags on their Facebook pages.

Bartlett kept digging.

Bruce Bartlett is a #NeverTrumper who has been attacking President Trump since 2016.

For the record…
This Reagan-Bush official is coming out with a book.

Bruce is targeting the #NeverTrump crowd.
Good luck with your book sales Bruce.

More on Bartlett here.

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