Florida Man Flies In His Parents from India to Help Beat his Wife

A Florida man, Devbir Kalsi, was having trouble with his wife – she just refused to take orders.
So he flew in his parents from India to help him beat her.

Police found Silky Gaind “battered and bruised” when the came to the home. The parents blocked the police at the door.

Asia One reported:


Devbir Kalsi’s parents flew all the way from India to Florida to help their 33-year-old son “counsel and discipline his wife for being disobedient”, Fox News reported.

Silky Gaind, 33, was found “battered and bruised” at her marital home with Kalsi in Florida last Saturday (Sept 2).

The perpetrators, Jasbir Kalsi, 67, and his wife Bhupinder, 61, were arrested along with their son on that same day, according to media reports.

Police officers arrived at the Florida residence after the victim rang her own parents back in India to tell them that she had been assaulted, said The Sun.

Gaind was rescued along with her new baby by the police.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, the Kalsi family reportedly tried to block the entrance.

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