FLASHBACK: 9/11 Hero Predicts Twin Towers Attack — Leads 2,700 To Safety Before Perishing

Before Morgan Stanley security chief Rick Rescorla died inside the World Trade Center on 9/11, he long warned the towers were a prime target for terror. Sadly, Rescorla was correct. The security chief saved 2,700 people on 9/11, before perishing in the attack while looking for additional people to save.

Daily Mail UK reported:

A man who was convinced the Twin Towers would be targeted in a terror attack led 2,700 people to safety from the World Trade Center before being killed when he went back in looking for stragglers.

Security chief Rick Rescorla carried out training drills with staff at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to prepare them for a terror atrocity after realising the vulnerability of buildings to air terror attacks.

But after leading thousands to safety on 9/11 when his fears were realised, the 62-year-old Cornishman was last seen going back up the stairs of the South Tower before it collapsed.

Mr Rescorla survived the 1993 car bomb attack on the World Trade Center, but later became one of very few people who realised how vulnerable the skyscraper could be to a terror atrocity.

He became so convinced that the banking firm, at his insistence, started running drills every three months on how to get thousands of staff from the company’s offices – which covered 40 floors of the South Tower and a site nearby – out as quickly as possible.

Mr Rescorla’s cousin, Jon Daniels, a former pub landlord who still lives in Hayle, Cornwall, where Mr Rescorla was born and grew up, remembers all too well the events of that day, which he said are brought home again with every anniversary.

In another emotional flashback, who could forget then real estate developer Donald Trump speaking out on 9/11?


Donald Trump visited Ground Zero after the attacks.

trump twin towers

New York remembers Donald Trump’s support for the city.

Donald Trump told a reporter:

People were willing to die. And when they’re willing to die and they’re willing to become kamikazes in a sense there’s very little you can do about it. The heat and the power. Actually it’s amazing that the initial jolt didn’t jar the building as people would have thought.

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