‘Fire Him!’ MSNBC Reporter Attacked for Saying Something Nice About ‘Trump the Grandpa’ at Houston Relief Center

MSNBC White House reporter Garrett Haake said he got several responses calling for him to be fired as a result of him saying something nice about President Donald Trump as he visited a Hurricane Harvey relief center in Houston on Saturday.

As First Lady Melania watches and smiles, President Trump hugs a child victim of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, image via screen capture.


Garrett Haake, image via Twitter avatar.

Haake, who had just returned from Houston, remained at the White House during Trump’s day trip to storm damaged Houston and Lake Charles, Louisiana, wrote on Twitter after seeing video of Trump warmly embracing children at the Houston relief center at NRG Stadium, “These pictures of @realDonaldTrump with children at a Houston shelter are fascinating. This is Trump the Grandpa, who public never sees.”

Haake’s report on ‘Trump the Grandpa’ triggered a backlash from MSNBC’s liberal base. Thirty minutes later a bemused Haake wrote, “This tweet has elicited responses comparing Trump to Hitler, Stalin and Satan, and several calling for me to be fired. Thanks everyone.”







Many more examples of the triggered liberal meltdown can be found in comments on Haake’s Twitter feed.

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