FAIL=> Jim Acosta Gives Speech About Fake News – Gets Destroyed by Trump Supporters

Anaheim, CA – Very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta participated in a panel discussion with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists after they honored him with the 2017 Presidential Award on Saturday.

Acosta told the crowd, “When people use the term fake news, it’s because they can’t handle the truth and can’t stand the heat.”

CNN has reported on the Trump-Russia hoax with zero evidence for almost a year while nearly blacking out coverage of Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT staffer who was arrested and charged for bank fraud. But we are the ones who can’t handle the truth…got it.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists sent out a tweet quoting Acosta’s speech Saturday. “Acosta speaks about the phrase ‘fake news’.


NAHJ said this about Acosta:

“For the past years, I’ve seen Jim Acosta in action. He’s covered President Obama and President Donald Trump, always pushing both sides to answer the tough questions,” commented Brandon Benavides, NAHJ President. “As a voice for the people, Acosta is not afraid to hold our elected leaders accountable. Regardless of criticism, he remains focused in a pursuit of truth for our communities. Acosta is among an elite group of journalists covering the White House.”

Acosta also reportedly gave interviews to students in attendance on Saturday.

Trump supporters destroyed Acosta who was famously called ‘very fake news’ by President Trump on more than one occasion:

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