Eric Bolling Breaks His Silence – Sends Heartfelt Tweet to Supporters

Eric Bolling’s teenage son passed away in early September. A source told Mediate that the cause of death was suicide, however; initial reports from authorities say there was no evidence of self harm.

Bolling broke his silence on the death of his only son, 19-year-old Chase Bolling, shortly after the news hit the wire saying he was devastated and needed prayers.

The former Fox News host also sent out an update from authorities regarding his deceased son’s condition and asked for respect during his family’s grievance period.


Reports say Bolling’s son committed suicide. Eric Bolling sent out a tweet on September 9th with an update from authorities, “Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self harm at this point. Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

After over a week of silence, Eric Bolling sent out a tweet thanking people for their support, “Continue to be inspired by all your support during this time… we thank you! Back when the time is right.”

The night before Bolling’s son passed away, Fox News released a statement saying Bolling will no longer be employed by the network following an investigation into sexual harassment claims involving the host.

Eric Bolling is also suing reporter Yashar Ali after the Huffington Post published his report claiming the FOX News host sent lewd text messages to multiple female colleagues. Bolling is suing Ali personally for a whopping $50 million. Ali says he stands by his reporting and isn’t intimidated by the suit.

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