Erdogan Goons Beat American Protesters Again… This Time in New York City (VIDEO)

American protesters were yet again beaten up by supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Violence erupted at Erdogan’s speech in New York City on Thursday. A few American protesters were beaten as they were removed from the room by Turkish thugs.

Erdogan then referred to the American protesters as “terrorists”. Turkey is our ‘ally’ and a part of NATO. Let that sink in.

Below is one video of the violence. Erdogan calls the protesters “terrorists” at the 1:40 mark:


Here is another angle of the violence:

The violence began after Lucas Chapman, an American and former YPG volunteer fighter screamed: “Murderer! You’re a terrorist, get out of my country!” in the middle of Erdogan’s speech.

Zero Hedge spoke to Chapman:

Chapman told Zero Hedge that the moment the protest began, he was assaulted by the crowd. “Erdogan’s supporters jumped on me almost immediately, shoving me out of my chair and eventually throwing me to the floor,” he said. “They kicked and punched me repeatedly until the security guards lifted me and dragged me out.As I was being dragged out, Turks leaned into the aisle and continued punching me in the head and stomach.”

Chapman is uncertain whether or not Erdogan’s body guards were directly involved as he says his face was quickly pressed to the floor and was thus unable to see while being beaten in the initial moments of the event. There were seven protesters total in the group and they escaped with only minor injuries.

Here is another video of an American protester being beaten by Turkish thugs:

This isn’t the first time Erdogan’s thugs have beaten up American protesters on American soil.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that tensions boiled over into physical violence between the Turkish supporters of President Erdoğan and Kurdish protesters in front of the Turkish Embassy residence in Washington, D.C. in May.

The incident occurred outside the official residence of Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç, who Erdoğan was visiting following his meeting with President Donald Trump earlier in the day. Ambassador Kılıç came out of his residence to talk to police once the violence escalated.

Slurs were thrown back and forth by the crowds and the verbal abuse matched the brutality of the physical violence. When the fights came they came with excessive violence that is rarely seen in the U.S. as far as political conflicts and clashes with protestors go. Individuals were bloodied and beaten with numerous individuals being relentlessly kicked by waves of pro-Erdoğan figures.

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