EPIC! Elizabeth Warren Gets Triggered After Radio Host Confronts Her About Being Part of the ‘One Percent’ (VIDEO)

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren is so easy to frazzle; all one has to do is call her out on her lies and hypocrisy and she loses her cool.

Enter Jeff Kuhner.

The conservative radio host confronted Pocahontas in the hallway at the WRKO studio in Boston on Monday and called her out for living in a multi-million dollar mansion while railing against the ‘one percent’. The exchange was epic!

After Kuhner asked Warren to explain how being worth millions of dollars and living in a $2 million house in Cambridge makes her different from the ‘one percent’ she rails against, she tried to defend her position by saying, “I wasn’t born in Cambridge. My daddy had one job after another, he ended up as a janitor. My mom worked a minimum wage job at Sears.”


Warren also said that she wanted to be a public school teacher. Well, she does teach–one class, after lying about being Native American and makes a hefty six figure salary from teaching ONE CLASS…

Kuhner pushed back and brought up again that she is indeed a part of the ‘one percent’.

“You’re part of the one percent and you rail against the one percent. You don’t see the hypocrisy there?” Kuhner asked.

Elizabeth Warren became frazzled at this point and responded, “That’s not hypocrisy!”

Pocahontas started to walk away as she said “I believe in opportunity”.

“You mean like the opportunity to make $350,000 for one course? Is that the opportunity Senator?” asked Kuhner



H/T The Daily Caller

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