Emmys Host Stephen Colbert Brags He Will Fill Emmy’s With Tasteless Attacks on Trump

Late Show host Stephen Colbert went on an outrageous anti-gay tirade against President Trump after his appearance on ‘Face The Nation’ in May.

President Trump told the far left Sunday host, John Dickerson, “I love your show… I call it Deface the Nation.”

In response to the president’s appearance on “Face the Nation” Late Show host Stephen Colbert went off on a vulgar, antigay rant against the president.

Colbert called President Trump “Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”


Of course — The Daily Beast and far left outlets cheered Colbert’s vulgar attacks.

And the liberal audience howled with delight during during Colbert’s string of vulgar insults.

The video is still posted on The Late Showt twitter feed.

This wasn’t funny. It was hateful.

Now this…

Stephen Colbert bragged this week that this year’s Emmy Awards will be filled with attacks on Trump.

The Emmy’s hate conservative, traditional Americans.

The awards show is Sunday.

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