Drexel Professor Tells Supporters to Slash Tires on ICE Vans After Trump DACA Announcement

Controversial Drexel University professor, George Ciccariello, called on his far left supporters to slash the tires on ICE vans following President Trump’s DACA announcement on Tuesday.

On Tuesday President Trump announced an end the Obama-era program that grants work permits to illegal immigrants who arrived in this country illegally with their lawbreaking parents or guardians.

Ciccariello-Maher teaches Global studies at Drexel University.

Ciccariello made headlines last December when he tweeted out that the one thing he wanted for Christmas was “white genocide.”


Ciccariello then went on with Tucker Carlson and said he tries not to puke when someone gives their seat up on a plane to a US soldier.

This week after President Trump’s DACA announcement Cirrariello called on his supporters to slash ICE van tires… but only three of the four tires because if you slash all four tires they can claim it on their insurance.
(Ciccariello is not just offensive, he’s stupid.)

Via Turning Point:

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