Dr. Sebastian Gorka: President Trump Will Soon Be “Liberating Himself from Key Individuals” Holding The Administration Back

Gorka, as many of you know, was the deputy assistant to President Trump and a counterterrorism expert until his recent resignation. Alongside other Trump-loyalists such as Steve Bannon, was a driving force behind the Trump agenda. The Gateway Pundit was recently granted a live interview with Dr. Gorka where questions from ISIS to North Korea to the inner workings of the Trump Administration were addressed.

The threat of the deep state and RINOs (Republicans in name only) who have been hampering the success of the Administration was a key topic. Many have pointed at those who have infiltrated the Administration to undermine it as a large setback to the agenda. Similarly, reports as recent as this past Monday have claimed that President Trump is still having difficulty filling key administrative roles. How is this possible given the massive amount of applicants received through GreatAgain.gov? What does the Administration intend to do about those who are working within it to push back against the Trump agenda? We spoke to Dr. Gorka to find out:


Wintrich (19:50 mins in): Out of the hundreds of thousands of applications [to GreatAgain.gov], how many of those were actually hired? What happened to all those resumes, because, you know, it was leaked recently that the White House is having staffing problems, which makes absolutely no sense to me given the pool of incredible talent that applied for positions in the administration, we shouldn’t still have Obama holdovers at this point


Dr. Gorka: Look, I can’t give you that number and I don’t think anybody has the visibility over how many have been hired of the hundreds of thousands–

Wintrich: Do you think one – even a single one – from GreatAgain.gov and that application process–

Dr. Gorka: Oh, absolutely. I know people who have been hired. I understand the frustration, and it is something that undermines the agenda. First thing’s first, this is month eight of the administration, this isn’t year eight, so, most administrations take over a year to fill the positions, okay, so I know it sounds absurd, but really, that’s how the Swamp works. Secondly, let’s just remind ourselves of what happened in the last year – Donald Trump was the rank outsider . . . Nobody took him seriously when he came down that escalator in Trump Tower, none of the establishment said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s a guy that could win the nomination,’ I mean, he was lampooned! Lampooned, until basically, he wiped the floor with the other sixteen establishment candidates. Remember, on the night of the election, the New York Times gave [Hillary] a 92% chance of victory, the Huffington Post gave [Clinton] a 96 or 97% chance of victory, that’s how incredibly isolated the establishment and the mainstream media were, and what happens if he wins? So, November the 8th must go down in history as an insurgent victory, a scrappy band of insurgents helped the rank outsider to win. As a result, what happens on January the 20th? January the 20th was the largest hostile takeover in U.S. history because literally – if I say 20, I’m probably exaggerating – but less than 20 key MAGA individuals moved into the White House . . . We went in there to do what? To takeover the federal government for the President of the United States, the federal government, if you add the armed forces, the federal government is millions of employees, so it’s a hostile takeover. For the time being, right now, there’s a temporary state of affairs where the hostile takeover has to rally its forces on the outside of the building, to support the CEO who’s in charge on the inside. Staffing wasn’t ever going to remove them, but it will happen because I predict – one thing for you, and I’m doing it right now live – the President, very rapidly, will realize how poorly he is being served by senior staffers in the administration and I predict before the end of the year is out, the President will be liberating himself from those key individuals. I’m not predicting Steve or myself are necessarily going to go back inside the building, but he will realize and he will make changes.


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