Democrats Blame Sputnik Radio for Hillary’s Loss, Demand Investigation… Sputnik Radio Was Not Launched Until June 2017

Three top Democrats signed a letter on Tuesday calling on the FCC to investigate Sputnik Radio’s influence on the 2016 election.

Here is a copy of the letter.

Sputnik Radio did not launch a show in the US until June 2017.

It ought to be a short investigation.

Democrats are crazy.
Via Zero Hedge:


According to the letter, signed by Representatives Anna Eshoo (D-CA), Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Frank Pallone (D-N.J), Sputnik Radio, “a radio network funded by the Russian government, was used as part of the Kremlin’s effort to influence the 2016 presidential election.”  As such, these 3 democrats demand that the FCC launch an investigation into Sputnik Radio.

And while it may only seem ‘marginally stupid’ to suggest that propaganda from a Russian-operated radio station might outweigh the $1.2 billion that Hillary spent on her campaign and/or all of the propaganda spewed by the mainstream media, the argument goes full “criminally stupid” when you realize that Sputnik Radio didn’t even start broadcasting in the U.S. until June 2017 (which is about 8 months AFTER the 2016 presidential election…for anyone who may have missed the nuance there).

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