Defiant Hillary Compares Herself to Older Brother in Prodigal Son – Tells NPR: “I’m Not Going Anywhere!”

More good news for Republicans.
Hillary Clinton told NPR on Tuesday that she’s not going anywhere.

The Daily Caller reported:

Former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a message for Democrats who want her to fade into the background: she’s not going anywhere.

Clinton made that clear in an interview promoting her book with NPR’s Rachel Martin, who asked Clinton if she has “reconciled that, that people might not want you around as the party steps forward?”

“Well, they don’t have to buy my book, and they can turn off the radio when they hear me talking. I’m not going anywhere,” Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton also told NPR she was like the older brother in the story of the prodigal son.
Oh good grief.

This woman is a sociopath.


The writing in What Happened is engaging — Clinton is charming and even funny at times, without trying to paint herself in too flattering of a light. While she presents herself as even-keeled and intelligent, she also comes off as hectoring and bookish. In a seemingly normal work email to John Podesta, she tacks on at the end: “Please wear socks to bed to keep your feet warm.”

She talks at length about her faith, and it will surprise precisely no one to find out that she identifies with the dutiful older brother in the parable of the prodigal son.

Hillary compared her life to the story of the prodigal son back in 2016.

Then she prayed with the black pastors.

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