DACA Protest Mob Blocks Brooklyn Bridge, Police Make Arrests (VIDEOS)

Illegal Aliens and their supporters held a demonstration Tuesday in New York City in front of Trump Tower.
The far left crowd shut down traffic as they always do.

At least 30 people were arrested including 9 illegal aliens.

DACA protesters also popped up at the Brooklyn Bridge later Tuesday evening. Thousands marched across the bridge and bragged about shutting it down as they sat in the middle of the street in a line. One report says at least 8 protesters have been arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Liberals continued their tantrum into Tuesday evening as they marched over the Brooklyn Bridge in NY.


Protesters brag about shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge as they sit on the ground in a line:

Marching to the Brooklyn Bridge:

NYIC is reporting a group of protesters have been arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Protesters getting arrested:

Marching across Brooklyn Bridge:

Birdseye view of the protesters:

Videos via thenyic Twitter

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