CNN’s Chris Cuomo Harasses FL Man While Covering Hurricane Irma (VIDEO)

Very fake news CNN’s Chris Cuomo was reporting on Hurricane Irma from Naples, Florida when he screamed at a man walking his dog during the eye of the storm.

Cuomo patronized the man for walking his dog. The man is a local who has been through many hurricanes, but CNN and Chris Cuomo are the experts and they are allowed to stand in the middle of the flooding to get footage because they’re special.

Chris Cuomo screamed, “Hey! Hey pal! I see you’re out with the dog again! You gotta get back inside pal! We got the back side of the storm to still come! The surge isn’t here yet! Please get back in! I’ll find you after!”

Cuomo then admitted the man is a local who has been in many hurricanes and called him an ‘old salty type’.


But CNN is allowed to be outside or in the middle of the street during the peak hurricane:

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