Chelsea Clinton Gets DESTROYED After Tweeting Fake News Story Claiming Michigan Passed a Bill Allowing EMTs to Deny Gays Treatment


Chelsea Clinton tweeted out a fake news story on Friday that claimed the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill giving EMT’s an option to deny treatment to gay patients.

The internet responded.

Below is a screenshot of Chelsea’s original tweet because she has since deleted it. She said, “Absolutely appalling: Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People.”

At first Chelsea got trolled because the New Now Next article she cited was from 2014, prompting her to delete her tweet.


Chelsea Clinton then tweeted over Steve Miller who was trolling her. She said, “Hi Stephen! That such a bill was passed anytime is appalling & 2014 not so long ago. Deleted the original to avoid confusion. Still appalled”

The problem isn’t even the fact that the article is over 2 years old; it’s a completely fake story.

The bill that the Michigan House actually passed was the ubiquitous ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’, which exempts religious people from laws that infringe on their religious beliefs.

According to Fox News, ‘like most state RFRAs, the Michigan bill contained a clause that allows the state to infringe on religious beliefs when there’s a “compelling government interest.” The preservation of human life is widely considered to qualify, according to legal experts.’

Was Chelsea equally appalled when her daddy signed the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ in 1996 which federally recognized marriage as the union of one man and one woman, AND gave states the ability to refuse the right to recognize same-sex marriages?

Chelsea got trolled for her stupidity:

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