Catch and Release: 9 Illegals Arrested at Trump Tower Protest, De Blasio Sets Them Free

Illegal Aliens and their supporters held a demonstration Tuesday in New York City in front of Trump Tower.
The far left crowd shut down traffic as they always do.

At least 30 people were arrested including 9 illegal aliens.

Including these three illegals.

They were carrying AmeriKKKa signs.
They thing America is country of white supremacists but want in anyway.


CosechaMedia reported on the protest:

New York, NY- 34 were arrested today in multiple waves of civil disobedience actions blocking 5th avenue in front of Trump Tower. The first wave of arrests occurred this morning around 11:30 AM as Sessions announced the Trump Administration would be repealing DACA. Undocumented youth were greeted by dozens of supporters celebrating their safe release from jail.

For the nine DACA recipients participating in this action, the threat of facing ICE retaliation is real- just as it was seven years ago when the first undocumented youth began risking arrest and coming out as ‘Undocumented and Unafraid’. Hundreds of immigrant workers, DACA recipients and allies rally in support. Allies participated in a second wave of escalated action calling for DACA recipients to be released immediately, and were prepared to stay in jail until all 9 DACA recipients were released.

“We are angry for all the young undocumented immigrants that haven’t turned 16 yet and are waiting to apply for DACA. We are angry, for all the DACA parents that could lose the job that supported their family. We are angry, for all the plans that DACA recipients had that now seem impossible. But we are also strong; and no politician- not Trump, not Paxton- can take that away from us. Our strength and resilience have never depended on a work permit,” said Thais Marques, a spokesperson for Movimiento Cosecha.

The left is determined to have a revolution in America.

UPDATE: Cassandra Fairbanks is reporting 12 of the arrested protesters were illegals.

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