CARNAGE=> DirecTV Offers Refunds After Customer Service Bombarded With Cancellation Demands Over Anthem Protests

Can you hear us now?

Angry Americans are cancelling their Sunday NFL packages with DirecTV and some are receiving refunds after citing anthem protests for their reason.

Social media was set ablaze after President Trump lashed out at NFL players protesting the national anthem on Friday while at a campaign rally for Senator Luther Strange (R-AL).

The NFL protests EXPLODED Sunday and spiraled into an all out war between patriotic Americans and anti-American leftists.

On Saturday the NFL Commissioner lectured President Trump — not the jackass players kneeling during the national anthem.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attacked Trump saying the president’s comments show “an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.”

Then on Sunday over 200 NFL players knelt during the US national anthem on Gold Star Mothers Day.

Former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva was the ONLY Steeler to come out for the National Anthem on Sunday. He stood in the tunnel while the rest of the team hid in the locker room like disrespectful cowards.

At least a dozen NFL players knelt during the anthem before the London game today between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars.

They did this in London.

These same players who knelt during the national anthem stood for the British anthem ‘God Save the Queen’. Unreal.

The Dallas Cowboys team including owner Jerry Jones took a knee on Monday Night Football before the national anthem. THE CROWD BOOED LOUDLY!

Then came the aftermath…


Early numbers show weekly NFL ratings may be down by 10% due to the stunt.

A 10% drop in ratings could equal a $200 million cut in earnings.

One Steelers fan took all of his team jerseys, jackets, shirts and hats… And torched them all. Williams started a trend as many others followed and burned their NFL gear as well.

Robert L. Williams took all of his NFL merchandise and put them in an outdoor pit.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that DirecTV customer service received a high volume of calls from angry people cancelling their Sunday NFL packages after the anthem protests spiraled out of control. According to a few customers WSJ spoke with, they are getting some refunds.

DirecTV subscribers contacted by The Wall Street Journal showed the satellite broadcaster was offering at least some refunds.

Marc Hoffman, a longtime subscriber to Sunday Ticket, which gives sports fans the ability to watch every Sunday game, said in an interview he was able to cancel his subscription and receive a refund on Monday. The package costs around $280 per season.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d get a refund,” Mr. Hoffman said. “I know their guidelines, I just wanted to make a point.”

Chris Baker, who lives in Indiana, reluctantly canceled his Sunday Ticket subscription, but not precisely as a response to the protests.

“I explained to them I was tired of politics in sports, and it’s not how I want to spend my Sunday, watching all that transpire,” he said he told a DirecTV representative. He said the representative “insinuated there was a high volume of calls calling into cancel.”

NFL-owned RedZone which also provides Sunday football games was bombarded by cancellations as well according to the WSJ.

Chuck Plavk, a veteran who resides in Wisconsin, canceled his subscription to the channel from Charter Communications ’ Spectrum Cable. He said when he called, the customer service representative said, “everybody’s calling about that today.” Unlike Sunday Ticket, which is only available through DirecTV, RedZone is available through a number of cable providers and streaming outlets.

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