BUSTED! Hillary Caught Lying About Severed Head T-Shirts at RNC Convention

This woman can’t stop lying.

In her latest podcast and in her book “What Happened” Hillary claims Trump supporters were selling T-shirts with Trump holding her severed head at the RNC Convention in Cleveland.

Yahoo reported:

Hillary Clinton called out the vulgar depictions of her during the 2016 presidential campaign and noticed they didn’t receive the same backlash that comedian Kathy Griffin faced for posing with a fake bloody severed head of President Donald Trump earlier this year.

During the latest episode of Clinton’s campaign-related podcast “With Her,”the former Democratic nominee discussed the research that found a negative correlation between a women’s professional success and her likability…

…“They were selling T-shirts and mugs at the Republican [National] Convention with Trump holding my head. Nobody said a word. Not a word!”

Of course, this is a lie.
There is no evidence anywhere that this occurred near the RNC or at ANY Trump rallies.


Reporter Daniel Dale called her out.

There is however a website that sells T-shirts depicting Hillary Clinton holding Trump’s severed head.

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