Breaking: FBI Has 1,475 Page File on Conservative and Pro-Trump Breitbart News

The FBI released a 1,475 page file today on Breitbart News organization. The FBI dumped the documents online just moments ago.

One of the first documents shows that the investigation was opened in February 2016 — during an election year.

The document says they opened the investigation after was hit with a denial of service attack.

They started targeting Breitbart during an election year because Breitbart suffered a DDoS attack?
That’s very odd.

The documents are marked “unclassified” but all of the information is blacked out or deleted? 

LawNewz reported:


The FBI has over 1,000 documents related to the Breitbart News Network.

A file containing those documents was released by the FBI just moments ago.

Of those 1,475 total documents, only twenty-three are currently publicly available for inspection. And each of those 23 publicly available documents are highly redacted–most to the point of providing no information whatsoever.

The remaining 1,452 documents are classified under various exemptions to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Byzantine statutes provide multiple exemptions to the nation’s foremost transparency law. Most of the Breitbart-related documents are classified under exemptions b6, b7C, and b7E. B6 is a general privacy exemption typically related to personnel and medical information. B7C is a “categorized” exemption allowing classification under more sweeping terms.

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