BOOM! Donald Trump Jr Trolls Hillary Clinton Over DACA

As TGP reported, while promoting her book, Hard Choices, back in 2014, Hillary Clinton told CNN’ Christiane Amanpour that illegal immigrant children “should be sent back.”

It’s interesting to note Clinton’s position, as the failed presidential candidate hustles her new book What Happened

Hillary Clinton fiercely defended DACA as President Trump announced his decision to unwind the unconstitutional Obama-era program.


Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet this week, “No time to waste – we’ve got to fight with everything we’ve got to Defend DACA. Thanks Jorge Ramos for sharing these powerful stories.”

Donald Trump Jr. re-tweeted Fox News contributor Steve Miller’s tweet with a side by side of Hillary defending DACA this week and a quote from her in 2014 where she clearly says ‘children should be sent back’ if they are here illegally with their parents. He put a clever caption ‘What Happened’ which is a play on the title of her new memoir.


Quote from 2014:

Hillary got roasted by Trump supporters:

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