BOOM! Austin Police SLAM Violent Masked Antifa Terrorists to the Ground, Make Multiple Arrests (VIDEO)

Hundreds of left-wing Antifa terrorists came out to protest a “Dixie Freedom Rally” in Austin, Texas, on Saturday.

The police weren’t putting up with the violence and slammed masked Antifa terrorists to the ground while making multiple arrests.

The Texas Confederate Militia decided to postpone their rally to a later date because they received violent threats from Antifa. Even though the rally was cancelled, Antifa protested anyway.

Antifa celebrated, claiming the white supremacists cancelled their rally due to the community’s response.


Why are Antifa protesters allowed to show up masked with weapons? If masks were banned and they were declared a domestic terrorist organization, the violence would virtually end.

The Antifa terrorists were screaming at the police officers calling them “murderers” and “violent pigs”. They were also calling the cops “f*cking psychopaths!” as they made arrests.

This is what we get after Obama demonized police officers for 8 years.

Watch these Austin State Troopers put Antifa in their place! Don’t mess with Texas!

Video via Circa News: (language warning)

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