Bannon On #60Minutes: Trump Team’s ‘Original Sin’ Was Embracing the Swamp Establishment

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon spoke to Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes and took the time to call out the Trump administration’s “original sin” – embracing the swampy establishment.

Speaking to Rose, Bannon stated:

“In the forty-eight hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made . . . you might call it the original sin of the administration . . . We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.”

Bannon went on to state that Senate Majority Mitch McConnell did not want the president to “drain the swamp,” and was actively acting against the interests of the president by repressing and attempting to dismantle the president’s populist agenda.

The former chief strategist commented that Ryan, McConnell, and other GOPe, “do not support the President’s program . . . it’s an open secret on Capitol Hill.”

Watch Bannon discuss the draining of the Swamp below:

On the GOP attempting to nullify the 2016 presidential election:

Watch the full interview below:


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