Arpaio Fires Back at Liberal Activist Judge Threatening to Keep His Conviction Despite Trump’s Pardon

Another day, another radical judge.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, a U.S. district judge may actually refuse to rescind Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s conviction despite the fact that President Trump pardoned him.

Arpaio is 85 years old.

The White House announced on August 25th that President Trump pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


In a filing Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton wrote she wasn’t convinced that she should drop Arpaio’s conviction, The Washington Post reported. Instead, she may only drop the criminal case and let the conviction stand–unless she can be convinced otherwise.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is a Bill Clinton appointee who slammed Arpaio with a guilty ruling in July after leftist groups spent nearly a decade attacking him legally over his aggressive policies against illegal aliens.

Arpaio fired back at the liberal activist judge over the weekend.

In a Fox News report, Arpaio responded by saying, “Does she believe in the president’s pardon? I think the pardon said everything. So if she wants to do it, OK. And then we’ll appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Obama pardoned over 1,000 criminals and emptied out Gitmo. Many of the criminals and terrorists he pardoned ending up murdering people again or returning to the battle field as Islamic terrorists. Where were these judges after Obama pardoned such dangerous people? These liberal activists are targeting an 85-year-old man who served his community for decades. Sickening.

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